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Red Hat Issues Statement On White House Open Source Security Summit


Matt Hicks, executive vice president of Products and Technologies at Red Hat, Chris Wright, senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO), and Mark Bohannon, vice president of Global Public Policy at Red Hat, along with representatives from other technology industry leaders, today attended a meeting hosted by the White House National Security Council focused on cybersecurity and efforts to advance open source security. Red Hat is the industry’s leading provider of open source software solutions.

Following the meeting, Red Hat issued this statement:

“Red Hat appreciated today’s valuable discussion on software security and the opportunity to convey our views and experience on how together we can build greater trust and resiliency.

“Red Hat applauds the Administration for its comprehensive approach to software supply chain security, as embodied in the May 2021 President’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity. A continued, dedicated focus on its implementation, and its objective of openness and transparency, is essential.

“The core tenets of the Cyber EO remain fundamental to improving the security posture of all software—both proprietary and open source, including assuring that vendors of all stripes maintain greater visibility into their software, take responsibility for its life cycle, and make security data publicly available.

“A key theme of the meeting was the recognition that open source software has accelerated the pace of technological innovation, provides tremendous societal and economic benefits, and can contribute greatly to enhancing trust and cybersecurity.

“We look forward to working with the Administration and a broad set of stakeholders on any next steps and will continue our focus on supporting our customers and strengthening the open source ecosystem.”



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