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Vulnerabilities In Open Source Software NodeBB Could Lead To RCE

Researchers from SonarSource have recently warned that critical flaws in the open source forum platform NodeBB might allow attackers to steal sensitive information and...

WhiteSource Releases Priority Score To Accelerate Application Security at Scale

The WhiteSource Priority Scoring technology enables users to assign novel metrics to different products and projects As open source adoption increases, the number...

DevSecOps: Integrating a Dynamic Application Security Testing Tool with Jenkins

In this article, the authors propose a method to integrate the OWASP ZAP DAST tool with Jenkins to publish reports on the vulnerabilities found...

DevSecOps: Static Application Security Testing Using Snyk and SonarQube

Applications are tested rigorously for their functionality by developers, who spend a lot of time in doing so. Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is...