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Mastodon Is Now Available On The Google Play Store

Unless you're an early adopter of social media trends. If you're looking for alternatives to the Internet's behemoths, you might not know about Mastodon,...

GitHub launched Advanced Version of Code Review for Mobile

The company added Toggle feature to get rid of Line Wrapping “Jump To” is a feature to skip multiple file or larger reviews...

Voice Activated Vu Official Android 7.0 TV unveiled

Vu Technologies has launched, the Vu Official Android TV. The 4K Smart TV operates on the latest and licensed operating system of Google’s Android 7.0...

Google Play gets affected by adware

While Google is continuously battling against malware in Android, apps with an adware surfaced on the Play store that reached as many as six...

Publishing an App Inventor app to Google Play Store

While reaching for this article in our very popular series on creating Android apps with App Inventor 2, some of our readers must be...