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Data Connectors For Open Source Tamper-Proof Database Goes Live

Data export to high-performance immudb with cryptographic verification is possible. Immudb, today unveiled new connectors that enable forensic, legal, and auditing data stored in any other...

Open Source immudb First To Deliver Automatic Data Versioning and Querying

immudb, the first and only open source enterprise-class database with data immutability at scale, announced today an industry first: automatic data versioning with extensive...

immudb Tamper-Proof Database Tops Fastest-Growing Open Source Project List

Codenotary’s immudb tamper-proof database was ranked the fastest-growing open source in terms of percentage increase in GitHub stars over the fourth quarter based on...

Open Source Database immudb Can Now Serve As Main Transactional Database

The open source immudb tamper proof database can serve as the main transactional database for enterprises, with full transactional support for everyday business applications...