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Mirantis containerises OpenContrail within OpenStack ecosystem

Active OpenStack contributor Mirantis has containerised OpenContrail. Containerising and supporting OpenContrail will help the California-based company grow into "one-stop support shop" for all popular...

Mirantis acquires TCP Cloud to uplift managed OpenStack deployments

Mirantis has announced the acquisition of Czech Republic's TCP Cloud. This new deal is aimed to enhance managed services for OpenStack and bring OpenStack...

Mirantis ties up with SUSE to offer OpenStack to enterprises

Mirantis has announced its partnership with open source company SUSE. The new deal is targeted to offer OpenStack computing experience to enterprise customers worldwide. Under...

Google, Intel and Mirantis sketch future of OpenStack

OpenStack distributor Mirantis has partnered with Google and Intel to take the cloud platform to next levels. The new partnership is aimed to package...