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The Linux Foundation Takes Over The StarRocks Project From CelerData

The project will continue to develop and flourish as part of the open source community. The StarRocks Project, a high-performance analytical database, has been...

StarRocks Presents Open Source OLAP Database To The Cloud

StarRocks, a provider of open source online analytical processing databases, on Thursday unveiled a beta version of its cloud database-as-a-service product. A clone of...

Aadhaar: A Testimony to Success of FOSS in India!

It is heartening to see how FOSS is powering one of India's most prestigious and mammoth e-governance initiatives -- the Aadhaar project from the...

The Database Demands of Peta-scale Computing

Let's take a brief look at the challenges for next-generation databases. In the previous article we discussed that as data volumes grow towards the peta-scale...

Databases in the Era of Cloud Computing and Big Data

We take a look at the directions in which databases are evolving, driven by the twin factors of the "Cloud" and "Big Data". Let's...