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Basic Android Phone, a Powerful Device

Android is a revolution operating system. Android is a modified version of Linux, or an android open source project (AOSP) licensed under Apache. I...

Facebook Releases Spectrum on Github to Make Uploading Photos More Efficient

Spectrum is a client-side image transcoding library for both Android and iOS apps. It helps reduce data consumption and improve upload reliability  Smartphone photo files...

Machine Learning and Smartphones: A Powerful Combination

The combination of smartphones and machine learning presents a formidable tool to solve problems that were almost impossible to overcome earlier. As mobile hardware...

Google’s ‘Plus Codes’ makes navigation in India easy

Google has created 'Plus Codes' for not so easily located addresses through conventional descriptors like street names or house numbers. In fact, according to...

GNOME Foundation backs ‘world’s first free and open’ smartphone

The GNOME Foundation has partnered with Purism to build the world's first free and open smartphone called Librem 5. The new partnership is aimed...

Existence of mobile app development in fast-changing industry

Change is the only constant in the IT industry, and this change has been particularly dramatic in the case of the mobile phone industry....