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Xignite Selects YugabyteDB To Power Its Cloud-Native Market Data Solutions

It added that Xignite selected Yugabyte’s distributed SQL database based on YugabyteDB’s high performance, on-demand scalability, and operational ease Xignite said that as...

Altair Acquires Ellexus to Provide Better Solutions

Acquisition aims at providing additional storage functionality for high-performing computer solutions Altair is planning to integrate Altair PBS with Ellexus’s Mistral and Breeze ...

Open Source Storage Solutions You Can Depend On

Storage space is at a premium with petabytes and terabytes of data being generated almost on a daily basis due to modern day living....

Cisco and Google Marry for a New Hybrid Cloud Solution

To deliver a hybrid cloud solution that helps customers maximize their investments across cloud and on-premises environments, Cisco and Google Cloud have announced a...