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Popular IDEs For Developers And How To Choose One

Get acquainted with the popular open source IDEs, and find out how to make an informed decision while selecting one. An IDE, or integrated development...

Ten Applications for Daily Use on Your Linux Desktop

If you use Linux as your primary operating system or are new to Linux, this article is for you. And it’s also for those...

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code snap package debuts for Linux distros

  Microsoft has brought a desktop snap of its Visual Studio Code. The new development is a yet another move by the Redmond giant to...

Red Hat’s extension connects Java to Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Red Hat has published an extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. The new extension opens new possibilities for Java developers and brings Red Hat...

Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code 1.0

Visual Studio Code 1.0 comes with new languages and features like full keyboard navigation as well as support for screen reading and accessible navigation. Microsoft...