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OpenTelemetry And WebAssembly Plugins Now Supports Fluent Bit v2

The open source observability project Fluent Bit recently achieved three billion downloads and installations, making it one of the most valued projects in the...

WebAssembly: A Low-Level Language that Works Well with JavaScript

WebAssembly (WA or Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack based virtual machine. It is designed as a portable target for the...

WebAssembly to Speed Up Performance of Web Browsers

WebAssembly Studio, an online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is being developed by Mozilla to speed up performance of web browsers. WebAssembly is essentially a...

Apple’s WebKit gets full WebAssembly implementation

  Following the footsteps of Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, Apple has finally developed the full implementation of WebAssembly for its WebKit. The new development brings...

Mozilla adds WebAssembly support to Firefox

Mozilla has released Firefox 52 for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. The latest version includes several new features, but the most notable one in...

Microsoft adds WebAssembly support to ChakraCore

Microsoft has brought WebAssembly support to its ChakraCore. The open source core of Chakra JavaScript engine now also comes with JIT compilation for Linux...