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The spreadsheet and paper-based expense reporting process have become a thing of the past today. Economic downtown and increasing costs have forced companies to look for alternative ways to manage expenses. Deploying a simple system can end up with inaccuracy and lack of visibility. To overcome the inefficiency, you need a system that puts an end to opaque processes and allows leaders to make better strategic business decisions.

Changing face of expense management software

Year-on-year, modern expense management software undergone a continuous evolution from traditional back-office function to strategic internal set of processes. But would it be sufficient to meet the needs of next-gen companies? Have you ever thought how the next-generation software should look like? As the requirements of companies evolve continuously, the software should undergo a series of changes to meet the growing needs of next generation companies.

The next-generation travel and expense (T & E) management apps should not only just accelerate the expense management process but also should come with mobile and cloud integration capabilities that add tremendous value to the business bottom line. Future T & E management software should be able to provide greater visibility into spending and standardise critical procedures.

Next-gen expense management

A recent T & E study unveiled that visibility and intelligence are the two key aspects that companies look forward to understanding spending associated with business travel. Analytics is also on the priority list of the best-in-class organisations. The motto is not just to enhance the existing process but also to leverage analytical capabilities and visibility that can help companies drive efficiency, forecast and plan better for corporate finances.

Apparently, as per research, integration, analytics and mobile apps are the three key factors that can help companies succeed at a faster pace. When incorporated, these factors add edge and value to the businesses.


Integration between corporate cards and expense management software increases transparency and makes the process effortless throughout the expense report cycle.


Increased intelligence provides you with an unheralded level of visibility into travel spending and enhances overall T & E intelligence. Companies can measure the true performance of any business trip by evaluating the ROI. Efficiency complimented by intelligence proves to be a great way to take the business to new heights.

Need for mobile applications

Mobile apps provide employees with the opportunity to manage expenses on the go. It gives both the companies and employees the flexibility that they need in managing the expense related activities. In fact, it increases accuracy as the power of technology is put into the hands of both employees and employers.

On a final note, the next generation software should be something that gives users an unprecedented experience in expense management and allows organisations to emphasise on what’s really important to make their businesses better.



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