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An Open Letter to Maryana Iskander

Without a doubt, the Wikipedia is at the top of the most successful of the open, sharable, crowdsourced initiatives that emerged on the online...

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A Survey Finds A Link Between Open Source And The Demand For DevOps Skills

According to a survey released this week by the Linux Foundation, enterprise IT organisations now prefer to hire IT professionals who have experience with...

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Nilesh Vaghela, AWS community hero and founder, ElectroMech Corporation

“It’s time to contribute to open source”

Nilesh Vaghela is an AWS community hero and founder, ElectroMech Corporation, a cloud and open source company. According to him, contributing to open source...

“The future is SaaS plus open source”

Jina AI provides cloud-native neural search solutions powered by state-of-the-art AI technology. The company says its neural search framework called Jina empowers anyone to...

Is DevRel a Role For You?

Are you a developer who loves to build relationships with developer communities? Are you looking for a transition from a coding role to one...
Martin Callinan, founder and director of Source Code Control Limited

“Risk minimisation while dealing with open source and cloud software is our main goal”

UK-headquartered Source Code Control Limited provides services ranging from open source software risk management to bespoke cloud transformation recommendations. It has just set up...
Mike Anand, chief marketing officer, Redis

“Product-led bottom-up growth is now seen as the most efficient way to seed and...

Mike Anand, chief marketing officer, Redis, speaks with OSFY’s Abbinaya Kuzhanthaivel about the popularity of the company’s open source products and the growth of...


DevSecOps: A Philosophy that Puts Security First

DevOps has helped remove barriers between development and operations, to improve productivity as well as the reliability of software. However, it has fallen short...

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Integrating Zeek with ELK Stack

Zeek is an open source network security monitoring tool. This article discusses how to integrate Zeek with ELK. In the article titled ‘Network Security Monitoring...

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DevSecOps: A Philosophy that Puts Security First

DevOps has helped remove barriers between development and operations, to improve productivity as well as the reliability of software. However, it has fallen short...

According To Studies, Only 3% Of Open Source Software Bugs Are Attackable

With vulnerability-management workloads increasing in an era of increased software supply chain security risks, a new study suggests that only about 3% of today's...
Panda Python

Organizations Lag In Terms Of Confidence And Open Source Security Policies

The report comes at a time when both information security experts and government officials are concerned about the security of open source software. Open...

ActiveState Provides Trust For The Open Source Supply Chain

ActiveState today announced the availability of their secure build service, which is a key component of the ActiveState Platform and implements the most Supply...
Immutable infrastructure

Why You Should Deploy Immutable Infrastructure on the Cloud

Even as DevOps and cloud adoption have increased significantly in recent years, the use of immutable infrastructure has also become pretty popular. This article...

The Board Room

GitHub India: The Focus is on the Community, Commerce and Country

As per latest stats from GitHub, over 65M+ million developers around the world were building software on GitHub in 2020. More than 2.2 billion...


Elixir: Made for Building Scalable Applications

Each programming language has its own strong points. Choosing the optimal option is the most important factor in building successful software applications. Elixir is...

Eclipse in Action

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Search file and create backup according to creation or modification date

Computer users often have a problem with file search as they tend to forget the location or path of a file even though Windows...
Database Programming

Database Programming in Python

For database programming, the Python DB API is a widely used module that provides a database application programming interface.

A Guide to Using Raw Sockets

In this tutorial, let us take a look at how raw sockets can be used to receive data packets and send those packets to...
Grep me out!

A Beginner’s Guide To Grep: Basics And Regular Expressions

Grep is one among the system administrator's "Swiss Army knife" set of tools, and is extremely useful to search for strings and patterns in...

The Top Open Source Hypervisor Technologies

A hypervisor monitors the creation and running of virtual machines. It allows a large number of machines with different operating systems to run on...


Open Source Platforms You Can Use for AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are being used in various domains and have many useful applications today, apart from gaming. A few useful open...

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OpenHW Group Announces RISC-V-based CORE-V MCU Development Kit

OpenHW Group and its members today announced the open source RISC-V Development Kits in the industry, including the OpenHW CORE-V MCU, the CORE-V software developer...