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GitLab develops project management tool Issue Board to counter GitHub



Source code repository GitLab has introduced Issue Board as its open source project management tool for software developers. This new development is aimed to take on GitHub, which is one of the leading repositories in the world of open source and a strong competitor against GitLab.

GitLab’s Issue Board leverages the existing issue tracking functionality of the repository to provide developer teams with an easy way to manage their releases and ongoing development processes. The teams can handle their issues directly from the cards available on the visual interface of the Board. The tool also lists steps involve in the development process to help users find issues. Additionally, there are labels to highlight the problems.

GitLab Issue Board
GitLab’s Issue Board lists issues with labels to ease their management

“Today we introduce our Issue Board that will make it faster to plan issues,” said Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab, in a statement.

Developers can create as many lists as their teams require at a certain time. However, boards through the Issue Board by default come with two lists, namely Backlog and Done.

Similar to a database, listed issues on boards can be filtered by their label as well as author or assignee. This helps large teams search a bulk of issues, without relying on any third-party tool.

The first iteration of the Issue Board comes through GitLab 8.11. The new version of the code repository will also carry some other competing features that would be revealed in September.


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