AMD brings FreeSync and Radeon Pro driver to Linux



AMD has added intrinsic support for FreeSync and brought Radeon Pro driver to Linux. The new updates are supposed to improve gaming and virtual reality (VR) experience on the open source platform.

Notably, this is the first time when FreeSync is has been debuted on Linux. It improves rendering experience of videos and games by reducing image lag, stutter and helps in direct communication with the display.

In addition to the latest support, you can create high-quality VR content with new Radeon Pro Software Linux driver. The driver is optimised to make the best of Radeon Pro GPUs on Polaris architecture. This would be of great help for professionals working on CAD/CAM and engineering applications to use Linux more efficiently.

AMD is trying to establish the niche market that has a high importance of high-performance GPUs. Most of these high-performance use cases are so far supported on Windows. However, the latest updates from AMD will help in developing Linux environment as a multimedia platform. The open source community has also changed its approach towards Linux. Multiple options like SteamOS and Vulkan API are designed to improve the gaming on Linux platform.

The new updates by AMD are supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Ubuntu. Additionally, Radeon Pro Software Linux driver works on cross-platform like Vulkan API as well.


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