MariaDB advances big data analytics with ColumnStore



MariaDB has finally launched its ColumnStore 1.0 after much anticipation among businesses and enterprises. This new development comes as an open source columnar storage engine to brighten up big data analytics and take on databases such as Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

Debuted as a port of MySQL-based InfiniDB in April this year, MariaDB ColumnStore is targeted to unite transactional and analytic processing with a single front-end solution. It is touted to reduce cost per TB on an annual basis by 90 percent and eases enterprise analytics. Moreover, the company considers that the latest development makes data analytics more accessible for any on-premise, cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

“MariaDB ColumnStore makes data analytics more accessible, on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment,” said David Thompson, vice president of engineering, MariaDB, in as statement.

MariaDB claims that its ColumnStore delivers “better cost per performance” for analytics compared to the licensing and hardware costs occurred in proprietary data warehouses like Teradata and Vertica. Also, the solution is lauded to offer flexible deployment options to enterprises using cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

The very first version of MariaDB ColumnStore has full ANSI SQL support to offer capabilities such as queries for complex joins, aggregation and windows functions. This is contrary to some popular Hadoop solutions that have limited programming features. Business intelligence (BI) tools can also be connected with the open source engine through ODBC/JDBC and the standard MariaDB connectors.

‘Future of data warehousing’

Data management experts believe that the latest development brings the data warehousing future. “MariaDB ColumnStore is the future of data warehousing,” said Aziz Vahora, head of data management, Pinger.

“Analytic scalability and performance are critical to our business. MariaDB’s ColumnStore manages massive amounts of data and will scale with Pinger as we grow,” Vahora added.

ColumnStore is available for download from the official MariaDB website. Customers can also opt for the MariaDB ColumnStore JumpStart to deploy the solution in a shorter span of time.


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