Qt Creator 4.2 brings new SCXML Editor module

Qt Creator 4.2

Qt Creator 4.2

Qt Creator has received another major update. Debuted as Qt Creator 4.2, the new version brings a list of new features for Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms.

The latest Qt Creator comes with a new Qt SCXML Editor module that allows you to create state machines from State Chart XM. You can use the same state machines for Qt C++ and Quick projects. There is also a graphical editor that works with the Qt SCXML module.

Though the graphical editor is in the experimental phase, it offers all the necessary editing features, substates, events and other properties. Qt has also fixed the various font properties and editing while specific state conditions in this version.

Among several other significant improvements, the new version has a section for managing imports and property definition is helpful while working on C++ backend objects. The company has also improved the performance of CMake and added a QML Profiler.

You can download the Qt Creator for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac from the official website. There is a bug tracker to let you report bugs from your experience.


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