India is Second largest open source user: Report


Globally, 1.3 million first-time contributors joined the open-source community this year

According to GitHub’s latest annual state of open source and community report, India is the second-largest user of open source software globally.

China was the largest open source region outside of the US, followed by India, Germany, the UK, Japan, Canada, France, Russia, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

Australia was the 12th largest region outside of the US measured by clones and forks of open source software on the site.

After Australia came South Korea, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Open-source community

“This indicates a substantial shift in Asia-Pacific from being a consumer to increasingly becoming a contributor to open source,” said Sam Hunt, GitHub VP for Asia-Pacific.

As per the report, Hong Kong was the fastest-growing region globally by percentage growth of contributors (101 per cent), followed by Singapore (77 per cent), Japan (60 per cent), South Korea (46 per cent) and the Netherlands (37 per cent).

The report highlighted that globally, 1.3 million first-time contributors joined the open-source community this year. Meanwhile, over 350,000 people made a combined five million-plus contributions to the top 1000 open source projects this year.

Source: Technology Decisions


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