Airbyte Offers Open-Source Data Integration Platform to Data Lakes


Open source data integration platform Airbyte today announced its first data lake integration, allowing AWS users to replicate data from any source to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

While businesses have more data spread across several tools like CRM, marketing, it becomes harder to deriving meaningful insights from different locations. So, it had to combine data in centralised locations in common formats to analyse.

“Airbyte is moving forward with its mission to commoditise all data integration and will start supporting all the other data lakes. Airbyte is becoming the new de facto standard for open-source ETL/ELT,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte.

The company announced it is establishing the new standard of moving and consolidating data from different sources to data warehouses, data lakes, or databases in a process referred to as extract, load, and, when desired, transform (ELT). Businesses can create data pipelines from sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, and Stripe, and connect to destinations that include Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery.

According to Airbyte, companies are now leveraging its 75-plus pre-built connectors, or building their own custom connectors using its Connector Development Kit to replicate their data to S3. It makes it possible for businesses to access all of their data consolidated in their data lake for analytics and any other use case.

Airbyte said it is already fostering a community of more than 2,500 users to build and maintain open source connectors. Adding, to date, there are 75 connectors that Airbyte is certifying to ensure they are production ready. By the end of this year, the company anticipates it will reach 200 connectors, which would be the most pre-built connectors in the market.



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