Logz.io announced partnership with Microsoft Azure that enables DevOps teams to deploy its observability platform based on open source platforms on the Azure public cloud. 

“Today’s DevOps engineers need direct access to the specific performance data that enables them to build and troubleshoot applications with greater speed and agility,” said Tomer Levy, CEO, Logz.io. “Microsoft Azure developers can now enjoy advanced observability with the click of a button, allowing them to work faster and with greater accuracy.” However, DevOps teams will still have to collect data from applications they instrument on the Azure platform.

 The Azure framework and product integration is said to enables engineers building and maintaining applications in Azure to use these popular open source capabilities with ease and less friction. With rising interest in observability, organisations attempt to provide more monitoring tools to troubleshoot issues. An observability platform can provide to replace more monitoring tools. 

Logz.io integrates multiple open source monitoring tools based on metrics, logs and traces within a single observability platform. It provides the critical visibility needed to reduce response time and optimise use of engineering resources processing huge volumes of information to extract meaningful performance insights. This importantly enables organisations to answer technical and business queries on the fly, and more easily monitor today’s distributed, complex, containerised cloud environments. 


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