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GitLab Acquires Open Source Observability Distribution Opstrace

Image Credit: Gitlab

GitLab has recently announced to have acquired open source observability distribution Opstrace in undisclosed transactions.

The move represents the company’s first acquisition pushing its value to $11billion today.

With this acquisition, GitLab said it will focus on the developer experience and will endeavor to offer robust monitoring and observability capabilities. GitLab expects to organisations will no longer have to choose between a costly SaaS service.

The firm said it believes to create a better developer experience and drive positive business outcomes with anticipated functionality such as guided instrumentation of their code, insights into recent performance degradations while making performance improvements, performance feedback from review environments in merge requests, automatic roll-back of deployments, and rapid exploration and triaging of incidents when they occur.

Based on GitLab’s 2021 DevSecOps survey, nearly 50% of operations professionals said their teams use between two and five monitoring tools, while 28% don’t use any monitoring tools at all. This data shows that operators utilize a vast amount of SaaS services to manage their observability data, or manage infrastructure costs by building a do-it-yourself (DIY) observability platform from open source components. Opstrace provides a unique approach to observability by integrating independent open source monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Cortex, and Grafana into an installable observability platform that can easily be run on commodity infrastructure.

GitLab anticipates that the Opstrace technology will be integrated into the GitLab Monitor stage and will be available (turned on by default) for both GitLab SaaS and Self-Managed users.

“We will continue to foster a community of developers and operators to improve the observability experience so more developers have access to an integrated open source platform where they can be confident in the safety of their deployments and quickly mitigate production outages,” said Scott Williamson, chief product officer of GitLab.




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