Next Generation AI-led Supply Chain Automation at NAB 2022


Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) today announced that it would showcase its next-generation AI-led supply chain automation solutions at NAB 2022.

“Our customers are incredibly busy solving for their supply chain demands, driven by the need for velocity in a changing landscape of ever-increasing volume and variability,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder & Global CEO of PFT. “As a result, coordination amongst vendors globally to meet the launch windows and be in control has been challenging. CLEAR has been instrumental in helping our clients manage their supply chain on the cloud, and we are excited to showcase CLEAR turbocharged with AI at NAB 2022.”

‘Take control’ with CLEAR® – avoid bottlenecks that hold launch windows to ransom.   

There is a massive increase in the number of originals across streaming platforms & studios. However, putting out content has its challenges. And as the content goes to support global audiences, there is a need to commission multiple downstream activities across locations, raising supply chain complexities further. And to do it all at speed while the launch window appears to be permanently shrinking requires concurrency management within the downstream supply chain to meet launch dates. While some prefer one vendor to manage it all, they are not always satisfied with such dependency or results. It is time to take control of your supply chain and manage a multi-vendor global operation through software.

Introducing CLEAR Supply Chain Automation to avoid bottlenecks and take control.

 Build a connected supply chain in the cloud using CLEAR.

  • Engage a multi-vendor supply chain network and leverage automation to coordinate the various tasks amongst them.
  • ‘Take control’ through key features that include:
    • Work Order Automation to manage tasks, internal resources, assets, and workflow orchestration across the multi-vendor supply chain for content versioning, localization, QC, mastering and delivery
    • On-board vendors, track consumption, review vendor-specific dashboards, reports, and analytics
    • Modern MAM with a component-based ingest & distribution
      • Manage media amongst vendors, including tracking assets, logistics, shares, review, and approval
        • Task-centric chat and visual annotation across vendors for live collaboration
      • Reuse INGEST Bots: Includes a cross-section of content providers, including the major Studios.
      • Re-use Delivery Bots: Automate deliveries with over 450+ destinations.
    • Vision Cloud: AI Everywhere across the content supply chain — Segmentation, Content Discovery, Conform, Content Localization, Subtitle Retiming, Compliance & more
    • Task-specific Portals in the Supply Chain: Versioning (Compliance, Conform), Localization (Subtitling), and QC.
    • Unified Dashboard: for visibility of media jobs, potential slippage through ‘smart alerts,’ due dates, and task status across all global sites

Services: Access to an experienced team to complement yours that can support a complete spectrum of Mastering, Compliance, Localization, and Versioning services specialized in managing projects to deliver the highest quality while adhering to tight turnaround times.


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