Open Source Developer Creates First-of-its-Kind Fund To Support Maintainers


Appwrite, an open source Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform for web, mobile, and flutter developers, today announced the Open Source Software Fund (OSS Fund), which will award $50,000 in its first year to open source maintainers whose projects lay the groundwork for today’s digital infrastructure but aren’t being compensated for it.

Appwrite’s yearly OSS Fund will help meet the industry’s need to assist open source maintainers, promote technology innovation, and create awareness for a variety of open source development solutions. Each year, the fund amount will be reviewed to ensure that it continues to meet the community’s needs. The application period is currently open, and applications will be accepted on an annual basis. The Appwrite Developer Relations team will choose the recipients:

“I know what it’s like to spend long hours in front of your computer, putting your blood, sweat and tears into something you love and that is also benefiting thousands or even millions of people around the world,” said Eldad Fux, founder & CEO of Appwrite. “I’ve known all along that we would use some of Appwrite’s success and investment to support other developers and maintainers just like me, to give back in order to look forward. We hope our contribution can make a difference.”

One of the most pressing challenges in today’s technological environment is the long-term viability of open source developers and maintainers. Despite the fact that open source software accounts for 70-90 percent of all software and is the foundation of our digital civilization, many developers and maintainers working on the most vital projects integrated across networks and products go unpaid or underpaid. How to help these people has become a contentious issue, with a range of solutions being presented. Appwrite is taking action on behalf of maintainers, elevating their work and providing financial support in exchange for their contributions to the industry and digital society.

Eldad Fux, the founder of Appwrite, began his career as a developer by contributing to open source software projects and participating in open source communities. Appwrite began as a side project, and he built it from the ground up as a BaaS product. Fux currently supports the open source philosophy by focusing on a completely open source platform and giving back to the community in a variety of ways, including the Appwrite OSS Fund.

“Open source powers most of the World’s modern day infrastructure, from mobile to web, cars and even missions beyond this planet. This is only sustainable by the generosity of the community, their time and efforts. However, this could be improved by the support of more companies and organizations, to prevent community members’ burnout,” said Eddie Jaoude, Developer and Creator of EddieHub.


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