Automotive Grade Linux Announces The Release Of The UCB 14 Platform


AGL is the only company proposing to cover all software in the vehicle, including the instrument cluster, heads-up display, telematics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and autonomous driving, while having initially focused on in-vehicle entertainment (IVI).

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), an industry creating an open source platform for all connected automobile technologies, has unveiled the latest code release of the AGL platform, UCB 14, commonly known as “Nifty Needlefish.”

The Unified Code Base (UCB), a collaboratively created open source software platform by AGL member firms, can act as the de facto industry standard for infotainment, telematics, and instrument cluster applications.

Operating system, board support package, middleware, application framework, and application APIs are all part of UCB 14/Nifty Needlefish. Important AGL platform changes include:

  • Updated to the most recent Yocto Long Term Support version 4.0.x (Kirkstone).
  • Updates to the App Framework, which now includes HTML5 and Flutter app templates.
  • Flutter now offers reference apps and multi-application support.
  • Web Application Manager (WAM) changes to support Chromium 91 and WebOS OSE version 2.15.
  • Virtualization updates to VirtIO.
  • Updates to the Board Support Package.

“We are very excited to incorporate support for new technologies like Flutter, which will make it easier to develop apps for AGL,” said Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux at the Linux Foundation. “We look forward to demonstrating some of the new platform features at Automotive Linux Summit in Yokohama in December and at CES 2023 Las Vegas in January.”


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