Open Source Digital Twin-Oriented Autonomous Driving Simulator To Be Out Soon


The first open source autonomous driving software, Autoware, was created by the Japanese deep-tech startup TIER IV. TIER IV offers full-stack solutions for the commercialization of intelligent vehicles based on the Autoware-defined autonomous driving kit (ADK) running on various platforms.

The Scene Simulator for Autoware (AWSIM) is an autonomous driving simulator that is aimed on digital twins and was developed by TIER IV, an open source autonomous driving startup, to quickly create secure autonomous driving systems. Real-world driving and traffic environment simulation has been made possible by creating a virtual world based on 3D model maps and combining them with sensor data models and realistic physical models in order to realise the evaluation and verification of the autonomous driving software. Additionally, in the upcoming months, the cost of training and validating object detection and environmental recognition will be much reduced thanks to the autonomous synthesis of synthetic training data for machine learning.

A cloud-native and edge-intensive DevOps platform for CI/CD data pipeline, data management, operations management, and remote monitoring is offered by TIER IV’s Web.Auto. Up till now, testing real-world event replication with driving logs and scenario-based driving and traffic environment simulation have been the mainstays of autonomous driving software validation. TIER IV added the recently announced end-to-end simulation to the testing methods available today. As a result, each target objective may be efficiently validated, leading to increasingly safer autonomous driving.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the commonly used cloud platform in the world, powers Web.Auto. Supplier of real-time 3D platforms, Unity, is also used by the autonomous driving simulator.

“We are very pleased to enter into a partnership with TIER IV to jointly develop a 3D simulator for the realization of autonomous driving,” said Tetsuya Hotta, President, Unity Technologies Japan K.K. “In recent years, simulation in a digital twin environment is indispensable for the development of autonomous driving. Through this partnership, we hope to contribute to the realization of more advanced autonomous driving together with TIER IV.”

“We welcome customers in automotive industry to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) initiatives by leveraging the cloud,” said Yasuhiro Kose, head of solutions architecture, AWS Japan. “AWS is providing the cloud technology required for TIER IV to help these customers through Web.Auto. The digital twin-oriented autonomous driving simulator, available as open-source software, allows customers developing autonomous vehicles to simulate and validate in a more realistic environment. We are pleased that the simulator is available through Web.Auto to facilitate the development of ADAS and autonomous driving technology.”


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