Development Tool MCUXpresso Now Includes Open Source


NXP has added open source integration to its MCUXpresso development toolbox to speed up the creation of complicated embedded software. 

The most recent version includes a hardware abstraction feature to enable code reuse across NXP’s wide variety of MCUs, an integrated development environment (IDE) to facilitate use of open-source projects, and streamlined access to specialised middleware. All of NXP’s MCUs are being migrated to the platform.

A specially developed extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code), an open-source-based hardware abstraction for code reuse, streamlined partner code delivery using Open-CMSIS-Packs, and a new Application Launch Pad for quick, interactive access to application software and documentation from NXP are also included in the toolset.

While still supporting developers using the standard MCUXpresso SDK, MCUXpresso for VS Code is made for quick and responsive source-code editing and supports build systems from open-source projects like Zephyr and Matter. Moreover, developers have access to pre-existing IDE solutions, such as the ARM Keil development tools, IAR Embedded Workbench, and MCUXpresso IDE.

Moreover, the toolkit offers an extensive one-stop shop for the integration of embedded ecosystems. The toolset will provide a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) that makes it easier to reuse and port code across NXP’s wide range of microcontrollers.

All IDEs in the MCUXpresso ecosystem support Open-CMSIS-Pack for code delivery, allowing ecosystem partners to greatly speed up customers’ product evaluation and integration while allowing developers to quickly explore a selection of off-the-shelf products. With an easy-to-use portal for browsing available software, a new Application Launch Pad also acts as a central repository for application design tools, including application software bundles, application notes, and application code examples.

“Today’s developers want more choices and open-source options rather than being locked into proprietary systems,” said Charles Dachs, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Industrial and IoT Edge, NXP.

“The new MCUXpresso toolset gives developers greater flexibility and control of their journey, delivering the tools and resources they need to easily accelerate software development. By expanding access to open-source communities and simplifying integration of specialized partner software, we’re helping developers drive innovation, scale their projects, bring complex products to market faster, and easily migrate between NXP devices and platforms.”


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