Brilliant Labs Introduces Monocle, Affordable Open Source AR Lens

Monocle AR lens

Brilliant Labs introduces Monocle, an affordable and open source AR lens, revolutionising the AR market with its lightweight design and integrated AI capabilities.

Say goodbye to clunky and expensive augmented reality (AR) headsets because Brilliant Labs has just unveiled its game-changing product: Monocle. This pocket-sized AR lens is an open source wearable device that can be easily clipped onto any eyewear or held up to the eye, providing users with an affordable and accessible AR experience. At an attractive price point of $349, Brilliant Labs is set to revolutionise the AR market.

While other AR headsets confine users to their homes, Brilliant Labs is taking a different approach. “We are running in the exact opposite direction,” says Bobak Tavangar, CEO and co-founder of Brilliant Labs, in an interview with TechCrunch. The goal is to seamlessly integrate AR technology into people’s daily lives, allowing them to experience the wonders of AR wherever they go.

To bring this vision to life, Brilliant Labs has secured $3 million in seed funding from prominent investors, including Brendan Iribe (co-founder of Oculus), Adam Cheyer (co-founder of Siri), and Eric Migicovsky (founder of Pebble and former partner at Y Combinator), among others. The startup aims to embed generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its compact wearable, leveraging the power of AI to enhance user experiences.

One of the key advantages of Monocle is its lightweight design, weighing in at a mere 15 grams. Brilliant Labs has achieved this by utilising low-power electronics and miniaturised electronic parts, ensuring that users can comfortably wear the AR lens all day without any inconvenience.

The Monocle lens has already garnered a dedicated following within the developer and researcher communities. In fact, Stanford students have even transformed the device into a display for GPT-4, enabling real-time personalised support and suggestions. Imagine having an AI-generated dialogue projected right in front of your eyes!

What sets Brilliant Labs apart is its commitment to a lightweight and affordable hardware experience. Tavangar’s management style, influenced by his tenure at Apple, prioritises one idea and maintains a lean team. This approach has allowed Brilliant Labs to achieve high yields and profitability, selling its hardware with attractive margins.

Brilliant Labs envisions a future where the AR lens establishes a direct connection with cloud-based AI apps, eliminating the need for a smartphone relay. The company plans to run deep learning models directly on its AR devices, ensuring seamless functionality even without an internet connection.

Brilliant Labs has gained a competitive edge in the AR market with its tightly integrated software and hardware ecosystem and data advantage. What’s more, the company’s commitment to user privacy by not storing customer data on its devices or servers sets it apart from competitors focused on monetising user information.


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