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OpenText’s AI Revolution Aviator for Business Transformation


OpenText has launched Opentext.ai, a new strategy that aims to help customers tackle complex problems using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) with their Information Management software.

Welcome to the cognitive era, where Artificial Intelligence (AI)  will redefine the essence of companies, the nature of work, and even what it means to be human. The internet revolutionized our world, and now AI is poised to do the same. OpenText has launched Opentext.ai, a new strategy to help customers tackle complex problems using AI and Large Language Models (LLM) with their information management software.

The company foresees that generative AI will significantly impact various corporate areas, including R&D and software engineering for innovation; support to streamline assistance; sales and marketing to enhance targeting; customer operations to improve service; supply chain and manufacturing to increase efficiency; corporate IT for system integration; and risk and compliance to reinforce regulation adherence.

Revolutionizing business operations with AI-powered solutions

The poly-model approach utilizes LLMs on secure private data, offering a full or modular solution. It allows customers to apply LLM features within apps or through cloud application programming interface (API) services. The tool fosters connections across multi-cloud environments, enabling better analytics, search, and decision-making. The company have announced the below-mentioned tools. 

OpenText Aviator: A suite of trusted generative AI capabilities within information management cloud editions for various domains, including content, experience, business, IT, developer operations, and cybersecurity. 

  • Content Aviator: Utilize conversational search and AI-powered insights to manage data at scale and automate workspaces. Intelligent agents scan repositories to contextualize content, with future models learning from interactions to enhance experiences.
  • Business Network Aviator: Transform business connectivity by identifying trading data anomalies, automating data mapping for exchange, and facilitating intelligent decisions.
  • IT Operations Aviator: Automate IT operations and redefine Level 1 support across IT, HR, sales, etc., using generative AI and interactive virtual agents for automated responses.
  • DevOps Aviator: It empowers developers, enhances application delivery, and gains insights into digital value stream KPIs. Future automation may improve productivity.
  • Cybersecurity Aviator: Utilize API cloud services to gain real-time contextual threat intelligence and strengthen cyber resilience.
  • Experience Aviator: Enhance customer communications using advanced LLM and generative AI for personalized content creation and automation.
  • Private Cloud Aviator: A  new private LLM data hosting service empowers organizations to experiment with AI and LLMs securely.

Titanium X enhancements: The company’s cloud edition 25 update aims for deeper integration, leveraging AI tools, including OpenText Vertica, intelligent data operating layer (IDOL), magellan, and more.

How opentext.ai can benefit business

  • Private and secure data: Run LLMs privately with OpenText, using vetted LLMs on your data. Experiment securely in a sandbox environment.
  • The right model for the right job: The company claims to support a poly-model approach, vetting LLMs for your AI outcomes.
  • Experiment with a trusted partner: Professional services are trusted to navigate AI complexities and explore applicable use cases for your business transformation.

“AI will impact what it means to be a company, what it means to work, and what it means to be human. We are excited to announce our initial vision and direction, this tool and our next set of capabilities called OpenText aviator as part of our Titanium X roadmap. We have helped customers build large data sets over time, and now we will provide the building blocks to help them leverage their data securely in both private and public clouds. We look forward to engaging with customers to begin their AI journey with OpenText as their trusted partner,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO OpenText. 




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