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New AI Powered Product To Enhance Customer Engagement

  • Based on GenAI and ChatGPT technology, offers businesses enriched and almost-human dialogues. 
  • With 68% of users craving personalised messaging and Brazil seeing an 80% spike in business interactions, the stage is set. 

Infobip has unveiled “Experiences,” a product suite with predefined GenAI use cases. Initially launched in Brazil, this innovation enables brands to optimise business outcomes and accentuate customer experiences. Positioned as Infobip’s strategic move in Brazil, recognising its potential as a budding economic powerhouse, Experiences employs GenAI assistant powered by ChatGPT technology. This facilitates enriched customer interactions; promising businesses enhanced sales, significant time savings, and heightened customer contentment.

Experiences will debut on WhatsApp in its nascent stage, offering a GenAI appointment booking facility customised to various business sectors, among other use cases. The product’s distinctiveness lies in its ability to emulate human interactions virtually, aided by the ChatGPT technology. This translates to intuitive, human-like dialogues tailored with the appropriate tone, facilitating organic conversations.

Ivan Ostojic, Infobip’s Chief Business Officer, emphasised user-friendliness and swift tool implementation. The company claims Experiences is not just limited to WhatsApp; their omnichannel expertise ensures adaptability across various chat applications. Soon, platforms like Viber, RCS, and Apple Business Messenger will be integrated, as well as traditional channels like SMS and email. The operational mechanics of Experiences are simple yet robust. Enterprises feed relevant data into the AI assistant, shaping a brand-consistent message style. While the AI ensures articulate, human-like responses to consumer queries, any complex requests get rerouted to human agents.

Citing data, there’s a consumer preference for personalised messaging app interactions, with 68% favouring such modes for communication or purchases. Yet, a sizable 75% express dissatisfaction with impersonal customer services. Herein lies the potential of AI shopping assistants to bridge this gap. Particularly in Brazil, with an 80% surge in business interactions via WhatsApp in 2022, the market’s receptivity to such innovations is evident. Brazil’s tech-savvy market offers a fertile ground for Experiences. An engagement system that aligns businesses closely with their customers is pivotal. It addresses immediate sales needs and enhances overall customer relationships, boosting the customer experience (CX).

In essence, Infobip’s new venture in Brazil underscores the significance of personalised, tech-driven customer interactions in today’s digital age.



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