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Enhanced Mail Gateway 8.1 With Enhanced Security And Flexibility


Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.1 streamlines email security management for organisations of all sizes with an updated web interface, new language translations, and kernel enhancements. 

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH announced the release of Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.1. This latest version of their open-source email security solution is based on Debian 12.5 and features a Linux kernel 6.5, ZFS 2.2.2, and PostgreSQL 15.6. The Mail Gateway 8.1 is a comprehensive mail proxy between the firewall and internal mail server, safeguarding organisations from threats like spam, viruses, Trojans, and phishing emails. Key enhancements in this release include : 

  • An improved rule system for flexible mail flow control
  • Optional DKIM signing based on header information
  • Support for secure boot to ensure the integrity of the boot process.

The web interface has been updated with a new filter and search box, making it easier to manage large deployments. Additionally, Croatian and Georgian translations have been added, along with improvements to other language translations. The company has also updated its kernel, renaming relevant packages to proxmox-kernel and proxmox-headers. This release addresses SMTP smuggling vulnerabilities and ensures that restoring a Mail Gateway backup does not interfere with creating a new cluster. The Log Tracker tool now uses UTC for internal time calculations, eliminating issues with time zone changes.

It is available as an ISO download for installation on bare metal or virtual machines, with an installation wizard that automates the setup process. It can also be installed as a container appliance inside Proxmox VE. The company offers a subscription service for enterprise use, providing access to the stable Enterprise Repository for regular updates and technical support from the team. Subscription pricing starts at EUR 175 per host per year for unlimited users and domains.



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