Red Hat Broadens Automation Across Hybrid Clouds

Red Hat

The Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform delivers a comprehensive and reliable automation solution for a vast array of enterprise applications, spanning from traditional data centers to multiple public clouds and the network’s edge.

 At the RED HAT SUMMIT 2024 Red Hat, Inc. showcased how its Ansible Automation Platform is advancing mission-critical automation across hybrid cloud environments. The platform, a leader in automating operations from data centers to public clouds and network edges, supports various enterprise scenarios including AI applications.

The company has focused on making the Ansible Automation Platform essential for managing complex hybrid cloud systems. The platform’s scalability and adaptability are evidenced by its deployment across a broad spectrum of use cases. For instance, the City and County of Denver utilized it to enhance remote work capabilities for over 15,000 employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, automating Microsoft Teams provisioning and scaling tasks. This automation supported a 514% increase in Teams usage and facilitated the rapid launch of a digital emergency operations center, significantly improving the city’s response to emergencies.

MAPFRE, a global insurance company based in Madrid, employed the platform to streamline its cloud strategy, achieving a 55% reduction in time-to-market and an 85% reduction in errors. These enhancements helped MAPFRE optimize infrastructure costs, reduce its carbon footprint, and improve resilience and security.

Navy Federal Credit Union, the largest credit union globally, adopted Ansible to close technology adoption gaps, thereby reducing provisioning time from 11 days to one day and fostering a culture of openness and collaboration. This adoption has positioned the credit union to integrate AI into its future operations.

TD Bank also reported significant benefits from using Ansible. By adopting an automation-first approach in their network transformation roadmap, the bank has automated the standardization of over 10,000 network devices and accelerated software deployment and compliance processes.

These case studies were highlighted at Red Hat Summit and AnsibleFest, where attendees learned about hybrid cloud and AI integrations, adopting a mission-critical automation mindset, and optimizing IT for the AI era through various sessions broadcasted online.

Senior executives from Red Hat emphasized the importance of automation in sustaining innovation and adapting to new technologies. They noted that Ansible Automation Platform not only supports current IT needs but also prepares organizations for future technological advancements.



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