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Everything you need to know about Arduino

Arduino needs no introduction. Ever since its genesis in 2005, this open source electronics prototyping platform has gained immense popularity amidst artists, designers, hobbyists...

Entering the world of open source electronics

  Although the World Wide Web (WWW) itself is considered by many as the biggest success of open source, the dependence of OS on the...

Picking up the best embedded development board

  Development and prototype boards are computer boards that are used to develop or test electronic modules. These are used to evaluate programs for embedded...

Best development boards to suit your embedded project

There are different choices of development boards available, whether you want to use an operating system (OS) or work on a pure embedded project....

Linux was chosen for Raspberry Pi with a purpose

A credit-card sized computer with good capabilities at $25 is definitely amazing. Raspberry Pi is a trend-setting device. You may or may not like...