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Microsoft releases Open Live Writer for Windows 10

Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

Microsoft’s popular blogging solution Open Live Writer is now available for Windows 10 users. The company had open sourced Open Live Writer back in December last year, but it was not released on the latest Windows platform until now.

Originally debuted as Windows Live Writer, Open Live Writer supports a majority of blogging platforms including Blogger and WordPress. Its Windows 10 version is created using Project Centennial — the suit that Microsoft has created to port Win32 apps to store. Thus, the blogging solution supports advanced features such as live tiles and Cortana integration. Windows 10 version of Open Live Writer works only with PCs.

The user interface of Open Live Writer is very similar to Office productivity suite. However, instead of offering productivity tools for creating new documents, the open source solution provides rich features to help you publish blog posts straight from a web address.

Users can download the Open Live Writer from the Windows Store. It is worth noting here that the Windows 10 version is initially supporting only PCs. This means that users on Windows 10 Mobile need to wait for some more time to enhance their blogging experience.

Open Live Writer supports blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, DasBlog, Moveable Type and TypePad. You can reach the GitHub repository to extract its code.


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