Debian starts revising default pattern for mapping file system

Linux Debian

Linux Debian

Debian is in development to upgrade its default model of mapping file system. The new strategy has emerged with the unification of /usr directory.

To give developers the same ease that previously existed on distributions such as CentOS and Fedora, the Debian community has developed a new bootstrap option. This change is initially available in the unstable branch and targets to collect the entire file system under /usr directory for certain binaries.

“Debootstrap in unstable can now install with merged -/usr, that is with /bin, /sbin, /lib* being symlinks to their counterpart in /usr,” Debian dev Ansgar Burchardt writes in a blog post.

The plan of merging /usr initially pronounced late last year. While Debian is still one of the few Linux distributions with separate binary directories, it is now moving towards the unified /usr directory. This directory will have multiple subdirectories to access high-level directories from one single place.

The latest development by the Debian team has not yet completely unified the /usr directory. However, there are / and /usr as two default directories on distinct filesystems. It is considered to simplify the creation of read-only filesystems on the platform and resist malicious actions from removable media drives.


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