Transform your car into Knight Rider’s KITT with this open source gadget



While a lot of integrated solutions powered by Apple and Google are making cars smarter, there is a new development based on Linux to take the in-car experience to another level. Called Dashbot, the tiny gadget can transform any four-wheeler into an intelligent car that was visualised in the Knight Rider TV series.

Dashbot by Next Thing, being as an early-stage IoT project, is currently raising crowdfunds on Kickstarter. It comes as a hands-free car kit and is backed by a strong artificial intelligence engine. The design of the device looks more like the KITT featured in the classic Knight Rider. It can easily fit on the dashboard of a car and offers glowing red LED interfaces that can talk to the driver and onboard passengers on the move.

Linux-powered Dashbot can be powered by USB or standard 12V charging port. It is based on CHIP Pro computing platform by Next Thing that leverages Linux. Apart from providing an ease with AI results, the device makes it easy for developers to utilise the available open source code and open hardware to expand its functionality.

You can connect your smartphone with Dashbot via Bluetooth. Once connected, it can send text messages, navigate using Google Maps and even play music. The best part is, you can purchase an additional ‘Retro Pack’ worth $15 with Dashbot to connect the older cars via tape deck input.

Dashbot is presently available on Kickstarter for $49. However, you can expect to see its presence in the commercial market by July 2017.


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