Linux 4.8 reaches end of life cycle



Weeks after the arrival of the latest kernel version, it is the time to say goodbye to Linux 4.8. The Linux community has been recommended to shift to the 4.9 stable tree.

Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has brought the version 4.8.17 as the last stable release from the 4.8 series. “This is the last 4.8-stable kernel to be released. This tree is now end-of-life. Please move to the 4.9-stable tree,” writes Kroah-Hartman in an official announcement.

Linux 4.8 was replaced by the 4.9 kernel back in December. The open source platform brought several hardware improvements through the new version. Moreover, the latest update to the 4.9 series, the Linux 4.9.2 release, upgrades existing graphics drivers as well as support for new architectures, filesystems and networking drivers.

You can download the latest Linux kernel from the official website. It has also started debuting on some major distributions to deliver an improved experience.


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