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Linux kernel 4.12 reaches end of life

Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Harman has published the last maintenance update to Linux 4.12 series. The kernel series released in July this year has...

Latest Linux kernel improves support for AMD Radeon graphics

The open source community has received Linux 4.9.2 as the latest kernel. This new Linux version has brought improved support for AMD Radeon graphics...

Linux 4.8 reaches end of life cycle

Weeks after the arrival of the latest kernel version, it is the time to say goodbye to Linux 4.8. The Linux community has been...

Linux 4.8.12 brings updated drivers and performance improvements

Linux kernel 4.8 has just received the 12th maintenance update. The new update comes just five days after the release of kernel 4.8.11. Although Linux...

Linux kernel 3.14 won’t receive any future updates

The open source community is now all set to say a formal goodbye to Linux kernel 3.14 LTS. With the new announcement, the version...

Linux kernel 4.6 receives last update

Linux is now leaving the 4.6 series of its kernel and moving forward with the latest build. Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of the developers at...

Some Nifty udev Rules and Examples

Connecting flash drives, hard disks, cameras or mobile phones to your Linux system has never been so easy and manageable, thanks to udev, developed...

Device Drivers, Part 4: Linux Character Drivers

This article, which is part of the series on Linux device drivers, deals with the various concepts of character drivers and their implementation.

Debugging the Linux Kernel with debugfs

debugfs is a simple memory-based filesystem, designed specifically to debug Linux kernel code, and not to be confused with the debugfs filesystem utility. Introduced...