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Linux kernel 4.10 final release coming on February 12


Linux 4.10

The Linux kernel 4.10 stable build is scheduled to launch on February 12. Linux creator Linus Torvalds has released the seventh and last release candidate build of the upcoming version.

Torvalds reveals that the seventh release candidate is considerably quite a small one. It brings updates to HID, GPU and networking drivers as well as comes with some improvements for PowerPC, x86 and ARM64 architecture. Also, there are various fixes for the filesystem, machine support, genkysms scripting and networking stack.

“It is all been very quiet, and unless anything bad happens, we are all back to the regular schedule with this being the last RC,” Torvalds writes in a mailing list announcement.

Following the last release candidate, the Linux community is all set for the final build of Linux 4.10. It will take good another few weeks for users to use it in a popular GNU/Linux distribution. Most Linux distros are likely to stick to Linux 4.9 LTS kernel for another few months — at least until the first point release (Linux kernel 4.10.1) is out.

Having said that, Canonical has already announced Ubuntu 17.04 with Linux kernel 4.10. This new Ubuntu version will be arrived in April. Oracle has also improved Linux 4.10 support within the latest VirtualBox release to welcome the new kernel a way ahead of its official debut.


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