Danube aims to enhance open source NFV adoption



The OPNFV community, led by the Linux Foundation, has reached to a new level with the Danube. The fourth release under the OPNFV project offers key architectural components and various improvements for network function virtualisation (NFV) systems.

Launched at Open Networking Summit in California, the Danube release is supposed to initiate the evolution in the open source NFV space. OPNFV targets at bringing collaborative effort for upstream development, deployment and integration for testing automation through the latest version. The non-profit organisation wants to bring development and operations methodologies to the networking world.

“The purpose of OPNFV was not to create a separate platform for NFV, but to integrate NFV functionalities across the stack while identifying gaps — a role that with Danube is clearly taking shape,” OPNFV community member Tapio Tallgren writes in a blog post.

The Danube release brings full networking stack in open, collaborative environment by working with open, iterative testing and deployment domain. It is touted to enable powerful NFV capabilities for developers.

Some of the past enhancements in OPNFV include the foundational support and the introduction for orchestration through the integration of NFV and virtual infrastructure manager.


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