Fae combines open source power with CMS based on Rails

Pae CMS based on Rails

Pae CMS based on Rails

Fae, a content management system (CMS) developed by San Francisco- and Portland-based digital brand agency FINE, is now open sourced. The CMS engine supports Rails 4.1.

Though the field of CMS is already crowded, Fae brings certain unique features to stand apart in the race. FINE was previously using its presence for building client-side sites like Kimpton Residences at Seafire, Anchor Brewing and Pruf Cultivar various others. Fae is known for its lightweight and highly customisable architecture.

The open source Fae version is not a WordPress-alike, end-to-end CMS that has a working front end. Instead, it lets developers customise the content on the engine through its back end.  The added advantage of the developer-centric access is you need not reinvent the wheel for each client. Further, you can customise and setup your own present CMS and use the same for all clients.

Fine Admin Engine

Stands for Fine Admin Engine, Fae is designed for developers. It has a lightweight and highly customisable architecture. FINE came up with the idea of developing the Fae CMS engine is to address its internal issues. The company had used to write custom PHP-based CMS for every client in the past. But ultimately, it preferred to release the code of its CMS to help developers reduce operational cost and resources that went into building custom PHP-based CMS.

Fae is based on Rails and includes native support for multiple user types, UI components for page structure, lists, workflows, global search, filtering, image uploading, processing and authentication.

FINE hopes to build a community around Fae to help them maintain the repositories. You can find the latest version of Fae on company’s GitHub repository.



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