Linus Torvalds announces new Linux 4.11 RC



Software engineer and Linux creator Linus Torvalds has announced the seventh release candidate (RC) of Linux 4.11 kernel. The mailing list announcement also hints the final release date of the upcoming Linux version.

Linux kernel 4.11 RC7 considerably has a small changelog. The new release candidate brings updated drivers, improvements for IA64, ARM, PA-RISC and x86 hardware architectures. Also, Torvalds has fixed various reported bugs in Btrfs, OrangeFS and CIFS filesystem.

Additionally, there are some usual updates to the core kernel, header files and tootling.

In the mailing list announcement, Linus Torvalds suggested the launch. “We have a number of reverts for things that didn’t work out and aren’t worth trying to fix at this point, that’s also normal (and people will look at it for the next version instead),” he said.

Apparently, there is no future release candidate planned for next week. So we can expect the final release of Linux kernel 4.11 to be published on April 23. In the meantime, you can access the code of Linux 4.11 RC7 from the website.


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