GitHub Developer Program now live for free account holders



GitHub has opened its developer programme to free account holders. Called the GitHub Developer Program, the initiative was previously limited to only paid accounts.

To support programmes, the GitHub Developer Program offers GitHub API to let them easily develop their first computer programs. The development had first emerged in 2014 and presently has over 17,000 members.

GitHub wants to expand the reach of Developer Program by opening access to free accounts. The programmers who are part of GitHub Developer Program receive GitHub API alongside participation levels that work in line with development licenses for the GitHub Enterprise model.

“We are so excited to see the applications you are building grow, and cheers to the thousands that have already seen success through the GitHub Developer Program,” said Jared Jones, program manager, GitHub.

Levels on the basis of headcount

GitHub Developer Program is divided into three levels. The level 1 is for groups with one to 499 users. Members of the level 1 can learn about GitHub API and access integrator community. The level 2, on the other hand, is designed for organisations with 500 to 999 users. Notably, GitHub offers platform credits and network discounts to level 2 users.

Organisations that have 1,000 and more users can opt for the level 3. The third level brings all features of first two levels and member spotlights on GitHub digital platforms. You can also scale consulting services in the third level.

You can sign up for the Developer Program using your existing GitHub account. Existing members of the initiative will receive an email with necessary information about the level and available benefits.


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