Linux 4.13 debuts in first release candidate



Days after releasing the kernel 4.12, Linus Torvalds has now brought the first release candidate of Linux 4.13. The new build is more about improvements for AMD Radeon GPUs than some general tweaks to the user experience.

“This looks like a fairly regular release, and as always, RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is much too large to post even the shortlog for,” Torvalds writes in the mailing list announcement.

Linux 4.13 RC1 has improved support for AMD Radeon GPUs. Torvalds notes that apart from the dominated AMD GPU improvements, the two-third of the latest release is full of driver updates and the one-third rest filled with various hardware architectures and networking hardware. The Linux developers have additionally upgraded the documentation to “clean up stuff” and ease future development on the open source platform.

“I was planning on doing it yesterday evening this time around because I was so annoyed with lots of late pull requests on Friday (and some today), but ended up going to dinner and not getting everything done, so it is only one day early,” the Linux maker states while explaining the release schedule of the new build.

The source tarball of the first release candidate of Linux kernel 4.13 is presently available on the website. Notably, the new release is specific for testing purposes and may include some serious bugs.


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