OpenText takes on IBM’s Watson by launching AI platform Magellan

Artificial intelligence


OpenText, the Canada-based enterprise information management company, has entered the emerging world of deep learning by building its native artificial intelligence (AI) platform called Magellan. The new development is an extension to OpenText’s specialty — designed to compete against IBM’s Watson.

Waterloo-headquartered OpenText is combining the open source approach for Megallan by integrating Apache Spark and MLib. This approach is aimed to help customers leverage open source algorithms for building their own models. The biggest value proposition of Magellan is the lower price point. Further, OpenText is launching Magellan as an appliance, cloud service and for the local server to meet a variety of requirements.

“Magellan enables machine-assisted decision-making, helping you automate and optimise your business operations. You can gain value and insight from your data stores with Magellan, and leverage the benefits of AI-powered analytics for faster decision-making and task automation,” the company writes in a blog post.

Magellan blends the text mining and auto classification capabilities from Nstein, whereas the analytical technologies are mainly driven by Actuate. OpenText acquired both Nstein and Actuate last year.

The prime ability of OpenText to take unstructured and semi-structured data for AI using open source technology stack helps OpenText to take on Watson.

Mid-size and large companies on focus

OpenText is targeting mid-size and large companies that do not have an internal team of data scientists with its Magellan solution. The ability to deploy text mining and analysis of unstructured data distinguishes the open source-powered offering in the market. Furthermore, the company assures that the customers will save on training and integration by using its solution.

Magellan is already touted to be well-optimised for analysing proposal requests. Also, users can leverage its presence to take unstructured data in RFP and analyse the exact requirements of customers.


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