BBC micro:bit debuts in India

BBC micro:bit

BBC micro:bit in India

Development distributor Element14 has started shipping the BBC micro:bit in India. The pocket-sized computer was initially launched in the UK back in March 2016 to encourage students to get involved in writing codes and develop new computing objects.

Measuring 4cm by 5cm, the BBC micro:bit is designed to provide an introduction to the technology world. There is a PCB that includes 25 red LEDs, two programmable turtle buttons, onboard motion detector, digital compass and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connectivity. Also, the board has five input and output rings that help establish connectivity with other devices using crocodile clips or 4mm banana clips.

BBC, in partnership with ARM and Microsoft, has built the micro:bit board as a language-friendly computer. This means students can use a JavaScript Blocks Editor or a Python Editor to develop their own programs to operate the board. Plus, there are specific Android and iOS apps that can be utilised to send codes directly to the board using Bluetooth.

Bengaluru-based Element14 has joined the Micro:bit Education Foundation to bring the anticipated BBC micro:bit board to the Indian market. The board is notably available from offline resellers only, and its price is yet to be revealed.


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