IBM releases dynamic application server runtime Open Liberty


IBM Open Liberty

IBM has released the Open Liberty project as the open source upgrade of its original WebSphere Liberty. The new development is designed to help Java developers build new solutions using an open source server runtime environment.

Using Open Liberty, developers can create Java EE and MicroProfile applications or microservices. The unified solution also has the ability to let developer resources look directly at the app server source code. Importantly, Java apps or microservices developed through the latest development can be deployed for free on Open Liberty servers, but an option to switch to the paid WebSphere Liberty has also been provided to promote native support from IBM.

“It has taken a lot of work and sleepless nights to open source Liberty (and the Open Liberty Tools), to get the point where we can announce the Open Liberty project. We’re still learning as we go what it means to coordinate a large open source project like this, and we’re changing our development culture to make it work,” writes Chuck Bridgham, software architect, IBM Node.js and WebSphere Developer Tools, IBM, in a blog post.

The release candidate of Open Liberty is available for download on its official site. Furthermore, the Open Liberty source code is live on GitHub under the EPL v1 license.


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