QTS Open Sources API Library for Data Center Management


The company wants to refine QTS APIs to serve as the basis for an open standard in the data center industry

 QTS Realty Trust (QTS), a leading provider of software-defined and mega scale data center solutions, has published its RESTful application programming interface (API) library as open source on Github under the BSD-3 license.

This is done so that developers and open source community can collaborate to further increase transparency and refine QTS APIs as the basis for an open standard in the data center industry, the company said in statement.

QTS’ APIs support real-time access to all aspects of data center management including physical security, power, cooling, sensors, provisioning and many other key metrics. This allows customers to embed the API into their own systems allowing increased control and visibility of their data center footprint.

Opportunities for partners

“By publishing the APIs, documentation and sample code, QTS enables customers and partners to embed the physical data center into their own software applications and opens opportunities for partners to create new software-defined services on top of QTS’ infrastructure,” said Jon Greaves, CTO, QTS.

In addition, the open source approach allows interoperability with other providers who adopt the standard, as well as customers who implement for their own corporate data center, Greaves added.



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