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Merico Launches New Open Source Dashboard ‘Dev Lake’


Merico announces the release of a new open source tool for developers, Merico Dev Lake, a powerful open source dashboard and analysis tool. Dev Lake compiles and visualises the data hidden inside dev tools into one practical viewpoint.

According to Merico, their team had sought to build the transparent, extensible, and personalised solution possible for developers to better understand their work and processes. The company says. with Dev Lake, users can configure and personalise dashboards and metrics to match their needs and goals. It also empowers users with total visibility with the capability to connect to many data sources, including GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Jenkins, and more, providing a uniquely powerful solution: a unified analysis and data schema streamlining previously disparate data.

Typically, DevOps data is scattered across many tools, accounts, and processes. “Dev Lake brings it all together in an easy to manage view.” The company claims to bring clarity and save time for developers.

Merico says it has spent years working to advance methodologies behind assessing code contribution and software development measurement. It sees Dev Lake as a response to the universal headaches developers face when it comes to having data fragmented across tools and accounts.

“Every developer and project is different, yet existing analytics and dashboards force a one-size fits all model. Dev Lake is our answer to that, it’s open source, and offers the custoissable and extensible solution to give developers more insight to their process, and more time in their day,” states Jinglei Ren, Merico Cofounder & CEO.

Dev Lake will have a developer-focused launch on ProductHunt on November 22nd, and demonstrated more broadly on November 26th.



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