LINAGORA, An Open Source Company, Is Developing A Google Drive Alternative


LINAGORA, the firm behind Twake, an open-source collaboration platform, is working on LinShare, a new open source service. LinShare aspires to be a secure, open-source Google Drive rival. Please keep in mind that LinShare is still in beta. So, here, I’m going to emphasise what it has to offer, as well as some of its future plans.

There are currently insufficient open source alternatives to Google Drive to persuade users to move. While there are hosted options such as Nextcloud and ownCloud, you will have to rely on self-hosting due to the lack of hosted options.

LinShare, on the other hand, is largely a SaaS solution with a self-hosting option. You can choose the hosted option even if you don’t have the time or technical expertise to run a self-hosted instance. Users might gradually consider using LinShare as an alternative to popular cloud storage choices like Google Drive. LinShare is a cloud storage solution that focuses on keeping your data private and secure.

Its source code is available on GitHub. You are not only limited to the source code; you may also self-host it using your own infrastructure. It gives you 20 GB of secure storage space for free, or you can upgrade to a premium plan for 2.39 Euro each month. As a result, you’ll have more control over your data, as well as an open source alternative to Google Drive.

LinShare can handle any sort of file. As a result, you can store anything you want in your cloud space. You may quickly share the file with your colleagues and friends once you’ve uploaded it. You may only share directly using the email address or by adding the people to your contacts for the time being. LinShare allows you to ask someone to upload a file that you require for a certain project.

This is not limited to your contacts; any visitor user who does not have a LinShare account can likewise upload files in response to the generated request. You can safeguard the data you share with others with a password. For the time being, this functionality is not functioning properly. However, that is a well-known problem that should be rectified shortly.

An activity log is created whenever you delete a file, upload anything, share a file, or interact with your files. This should aid you in keeping track of your activities and spotting anything out of the ordinary (when needed). You’ll receive an email notification whenever the recipient downloads the file you sent. It should be helpful to know that the file/resource was acknowledged without having to ask them separately.


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