Airbyte Continues Rapid Growth As Open Source Data Integration Platform


Airbyte, creator open source data integration platform, grew deployments per month by 6x, doubled GitHub stars, and raised more than $181 million in funding in 2021. The company also announced today an integration with Dagster, the data orchestration platform, as Airbyte’s technology becomes the industry standard for data integration.

Airbyte 2021 accomplishments:

  • Six times growth in deployments from around 400 per month in the first quarter to more than 2,500 per month in the fourth quarter.
  • GitHub stars doubled from the first quarter to the end of the year with a total of 5,000.
  • Closed three funding rounds totalling $181.2 million with a company valuation of $1.5 billion.
  • A total of 165 data connectors, which in the company’s history of 16 months equaled as many as those offered by any company.

“The total funding in 2021 will allow us to reach our 2022 goals much quicker: expanding our team from 30 people today to over 200 members; growing from 16,000 deployments today to 100,000; and increasing from 150 connectors currently to 500 by the end of the year,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO, Airbyte. ”The integration with Dagster brings additional productivity to users, especially in scaling their data pipelines.”

Dagster is an orchestration platform for the development, production, and observation of data assets that is an open-source project maintained by Elementl. Dagster enables practitioners to define jobs in terms of the data flow and with a fast develop and test workflow. Dagster unifies disparate data tools into a cohesive data platform, making practitioners dramatically more productive, scaling from “single-player-mode” to large organizations, and providing unparalleled context for all stakeholders.

“Airbyte is an emerging open source standard for data ingestion with a ton of momentum. With their focus on openness, fast development, it was an ideal partnership. We’re were thrilled to work with them to build a best-in-class experience for the modern data practitioner looking to make Airbyte work seamlessly in production,” said Nick Schrock, CEO of Elementl.

With its growing community of 5,000 data practitioners and 200 contributors, Airbyte is redefining the new standard of moving and consolidating data from different sources to data warehouses, data lakes, or databases in a process referred to as extract, load, and, when desired, transform (ELT). Over the past year and a half, more than 10,000 companies have used Airbyte to sync data from sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, Stripe, and connect to destinations that include Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks and BigQuery.

Airbyte’s open source data integration solves two problems: First, companies always have to build and maintain data connectors on their own because most less popular “long tail” data connectors are not supported by closed-source ELT technologies. Second, data teams often have to do custom work around pre-built connectors to make them work within their unique data infrastructure.


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