Open Source Painting Program Krita Offers Major New Bug Fixes


Major bug patches have been released for the multi-platform open source painting tool, disturbing Adobe’s offerings just in time for World Creativity Day. Krita, an open source painting tool, has received a new version from the Krita Foundation. This version expands on the program’s popularity as a grassroots competitor to Adobe’s proprietary creative services. And it’s all happening just in time for World Creativity Day.

The updated version improves performance and security by fixing various problems. Users that pay attention to version numbers haven’t lost track, according to the official Krita blog article introducing the current update. “Some stores, if they believe a package isn’t good enough, will require you to upload a package with a higher version number, and this happened twice with 5.0.2…” according to the blog post. The development team anticipates that 5.0.5 will be the final release before the release of version 5.1.0 in June 2022.

Krita, a cross-platform tool that supports Windows and macOS as an alternative to GIMP, another open source image creation program, was originally built for the KDE Linux desktop. Version 5.0.5 is available for download from the official Krita download page.

Krita aims to challenge the dominance of proprietary program like Adobe Illustrator in the creative industry. Because to Epic Games’ backing for Krita, the project has gotten a lot of attention. Krita has also attracted the attention of real-world artists. For example, David Savoy uses it to create the popular open-content comics “Pepper & Carrot.”

The new Krita version arrives just in time for the UN’s World Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21. Despite the lack of formal sponsorship, Krita fits in with the idea of encouraging innovation because it is open source and freely downloadable.



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